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Our visions, missions & values
Environmental sustainability

Unlike Europe and other developed countries, we have been observing and analyzing the markets of the CIS countries for many years and noticed a shortage of many commodities, even despite the territorial availability of producers of these goods. We want to become a company that will simplify the whole process of trade and sell you turnkey products, without any further ado. It is still important to calculate the risks for the all parties and organize safe logistics of commodities along with the most optimal routes, what our company successfully does.
Our goal is to simplify trade and logistics in the CIS countries, thereby helping manufacturers to present and sell their products abroad, and consumers to buy them at reasonable prices. After the conclusion of the contract, we take responsibility for the timely and safe delivery of goods to the destination. For these purposes, we are continue expanding our coverage of the regions where we place our highly qualified specialists to study the local supply & demand and the market conditions of different CIS countries.
We believe that every consumer has the right to high quality products at appropriate prices, regardless of the territorial availability of a particular country of origin. Our yet small, but highly qualified specialists work hard to meet the requirements of our clients. We encourage our employees to be responsible and appreciate the contribution of each specialist of the company to achieve the common goals of our company.
Environmental sustainability is the endurance of natural processes and systems. For the long-term survival of mankind, it is important to maintain a healthy environment and ecosystems. We pay close attention to environmental sustainability, by giving the high priority for the supply of goods, such as “mineral fertilizers for agriculture” and giving preference to rail transportation, which uses minimal carbon dioxide emissions compared to other modes of transportation. We truly believe that the future generation deserves and has the right to have a clear blue sky above them and for the natural resources that we use at the present time. Our company is aware and understands it, and we are making efforts to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Our company with great regret observes that many CIS countries are not familiar or do not pay attention to “renewable energy sources”. In the future, the company plans to invest most of the profits on the construction of alternative energy plants in a few CIS countries.
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International Trade

We are ready to discuss your international trade plans within Europe, Asia and CIS countries.

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In-time logistics (transportation) solutions to expand your reaches and succeed in business.

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We offer only high-quality commodities from our large & verified suppliers base.

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We are here to answer your questions and consult you in our: international trade and logistics solutions.

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Our company is proud to be one the biggest exporters of the products produced in CIS countries. We offer your a high-quality services and products, and we're responsible for our results & highly appreciate your cooperation.

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